Trek Ready Tank

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Care Instructions:

Wash in water with similar colours. Do not tumble dry. Do not Iron. Do not bleach. Avoid direct sunlight.


If you prefer a modest, long length shirt, the Trek Ready Tank is your ideal solution during any workout. Luckily, it’s also so stylish that you can wear it any day of the week, no matter what your destination. The contrast between hem and shirt adds some character, turning an ordinary shirt into a style statement. The design ensures modesty in every aspect as the armhole is cut high as well. But of course there’s a focus on functionality too: The Polyester/Spandex mix offers great flexibility, so you’re not inhibited by your clothing during tough workouts. The fabric’s high recovery rating means it will look new for long. Your shirt will even wick away moisture and ladies love the fabric’s soft surface. Enjoy feeling great and looking great.

Design Features:

-Contoured hem

-Contrast black binding at neck and armhole edges

-High armhole for modest coverage

Fabric Features:

-Polyester/ Spandex

-Durable and comfortable

-Soft feel

-Moisture wicking

-Good stretch and recovery

We have produced many tanks with the sole purpose being to test them and find the right combination of material, design and technology. The result has been a product that is perfect for any type of workout and will never disappoint any athlete.