Top Ways to Make Sure You Love Your New Healthy Diet

Top Ways to Make Sure You Love Your New Healthy Diet

Does the word ‘dieting’ evoke feelings of being hungry and miserable? Is that because when you’re ‘dieting’, you think you have to restrict yourself silly?

Well friends the truth is - you don’t, and you shouldn’t be.

You shouldn’t be restricting yourself silly and turning down social activities because you are worried about what you’ll eat when you get there.

Instead of thinking about your new healthy diet as dieting, enlist these top tips to make sure that you love your new healthy way of eating and enjoy the process of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Take it in Gradual Steps

Potentially one of the most common mistakes that people make when starting on their healthy eating journey is to completely throw themselves in 150% from the get-go.

They rid the cupboard of any unhealthy items and spend $300 on superfoods at the grocery store. We’ve all been there.

But whether you’re needing a huge overhaul of your eating habits or little swaps here and there, your diet habits are not going to change overnight, nor should they.

Give yourself a break and focus on eliminating the worst habits first, before moving on to the next habits; over time and in gradual steps.

Eat Foods That you Already Love


There is a misconception out there that eating healthy = grilled chicken and kale salad. While this meal would be super healthy, it’s not the only thing you can eat on your new healthy diet.

What if I told you that you could make almost any meal more healthy when you put your mind to it?

I’m talking naked burgers, burrito bowls, homemade pizzas on wraps, protein pasta, chicken and chips… Am I giving away all my favourite foods?

The best way to ensure you love your new healthy diet and don’t fall off the bandwagon easily is to keep eating the foods that you love. You can do this by ‘healthy-fying’ your favourite unhealthy foods or by allowing for these foods in your daily calorie budget.

After all, life’s too short to eat kale if you don’t want to!

Know Your Why


 Why have you decided to start eating a healthier diet?

Whether it’s to shed a few kilos to fit into a particular dress or to be able to keep up with your three kids, it doesn’t matter so long as you know why you want to make these healthy changes to your life.

Knowing your why will give you the extra confidence when your work colleague wants to split a loaded cookie with you for the third time that week, or it’s someone's birthday in the office and they tell you that “one little bit won’t hurt”, to say politely, no thank you.

Don’t Starve Yourself

 I don’t know about you, but when I have let myself get to the point of absolute starvation, I crave only ‘bad’ foods. Foods that are not going to nourish me or give me sustainable energy, but foods that will most likely make me feel sick and bloated for the next few hours.

Anyone else get like this?

Loving your new healthy diet will come easy when you keep yourself feeling satisfied and satiated, and don’t let your hunger levels get away from you.

If you do start to find yourself in situations where your hunger has gotten away from you and you’re absolutely ravenous, being prepared with healthy snacks (like nuts or protein bars) will be your saving grace.

After all, eating healthy is not about being hungry!

At the End of the Day…

 Eating healthy comes in many different shapes and sizes and is heavily dependent on your bio-individuality. Foods that make your body thrive, may not work for mine.

Use these tips to guide you in the process of starting, and enjoying, your new healthy diet and lifestyle and build your way towards a healthier life.